Hi! My name is Olivia, although most people just call me Liv. I am marrying my best friend in less than 3 months. I am a mom to two incredible big dogs. I graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree in art (emphasis in photography) and a public relations minor. I have a little start up photography business on the side. I work full time as a Pre-K resource planner for my entire county. I have a beautiful house (thanks to my sweet fiance), a big yard, and a back deck with a view of the north Georgia mountains. I really could not ask for more. I decided to create this blog because I realize that there are many women out there in the same position I am. I am starting a new life. Literally everything is new. I decorating my new house, getting used to my new job, building my new business, starting a new family, and living in a new place. So, I wanted to create a place of sharing ideas, interests, etc.  I will post recipes, decoration ideas (I am big about DIY), wedding ideas, fashion and beauty stuff, photography things (of course!), and just general thoughts as I set out on this adventure. Every now and then I might even post something for the guys (my fiance is a football coach and a very handsome one at that!) My goal is blog about something new every couple days. However, life gets busy (as we all know). So, forgive if I miss some days. Feel free to comment and contact me about anything!